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Editor, TV documentary (28 minutes)

The Pines was the homestead of William H. Collins Jr., which he purchased for his family from earnings fighting in the Spanish American War. Son of an ex-slave, Papa Collins worked to give his family land to live on free and clear of debt. In the 1960's it was taken from them by Fairfax County by Eminent Domain for a school that was never built, and the wonderful life for this community was gone forever.

Editor, documentary film (47 minutes)

This is the documentary 'Peace Be Upon You', which is about American Muslims retreating away from the city into nature to connect closer to God through classes and other spiritual activities. The film features luminaries such as Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, Shaykh Jihad Brown, Shaykh Muhammad Mendes, Imam Tahir Anwar, Mawlana Abdur Rahman Ahmad and Nader Khan.

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